Saint Charles Caritas

Saint Charles Caritas, founded in March 2001 at Saint Charles Catholic Church in Imperial Beach, is run by volunteers committed to help charities who are basically poor located in Tijuana and Chula Vista by providing basic foods, cleaning products and basic necessities monthly.

The word Caritas is a Latin word meaning love, mercy, and charity.

100% of the money donated is used to buy these 3 categories mentioned above. We are all volunteers, and we have ZERO overhead costs, and there is NO administrative layer.

Our goal is to distribute $500 worth of food per month for each charity. All the representatives of these charities come up every 4th Saturday of the month to Costco, Chula Vista, and we purchase the necessary basic foods and some cleaning products.

The charities in Tijuana are run by nuns, and the one in Chula Vista is run by volunteers. The sisters In Tijuana can stretch the food we donate for 22 days out of the month. From time to time we visit them and check their needs, play with the children, and talk with the elderly. There are more than 400 people being cared for by these charities.


Every 3rd Sunday of the Month (**POSTPONED DUE TO COVID**)

Saint Charles Caritas is dedicated to assisting those in need and are still collecting donations. We are currently helping the Nuns who can cross the US/Mexico Border by purchasing food stores at Costco. In addition, we are feeding 450 children in 4 different squatter areas during the weekend.

If interested in helping, please contact Merlyn Baker.

 (619)428-0199 or via email at

Photos from the Latest Project

The Latest Projects

November 8, 2020

Teach the Children How to Pray the Rosary week 7, Samada Half Court squatter area Paliparan, Cavite PI

Lord Jesus, have mercy to us all. We pray for your grace and thank you for leading us to this ministry, teaching the poor children how to pray. Thank you!!!

November 8, 2020, Sunday (PI time) was the Rosary class prayer for the children. 31 children attended only because of the typhoon again looming in the Philippines. The typhoon Tonyo was signal #1. The parents were reluctant to send their children to class because of the weather.

Recap: Teachers Analiza Yauna and Regine Teseroro are volunteers to teach for this ministry. We are blessed to have these 2 teachers. Before they start the class they pray for all of us and prayed for my brother's passing Florentino Gonzales. My brother was one of the advisers of these 2 ministries

* Reviewed Q & A part of the lessons for different Rosary Mysteries * The children were divided into 2 groups: Holy Kids and Little Servants. Holy Kids, 3 can pray the Our Father, 5 can pray the Hail Mary, 15 can pray the Glory Be. * Also, recitations in front of the class to prayer.The children also listened these 3 prayers in songs so that the children can memorized easily the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be, especially for children who are little ones, can follow the song of prayers without reading.

* For the Little Servants: 2 can pray the Our Father, 8 can pray the Hail Mary and 12 can pray the Glory Be. Each group was competing who can pray more. There was a price to win and that was the chocolate. Some children were still shy. Because they all tried, each got a chocolate at the end.

After the class, egg noodle soup was served to the children and volunteers. The volunteers also ate spaghetti style of pasta. Thank you to teacher Norly Gane who cooked the soup ( a very good cook) and also lead the volunteers.



November 15, 2020

Teach the Children How to Pray the Rosary week 8, Samda Half Court squatter area, Phase 5, Paliparan Cavite PI

God is always there for us. Thank you for your mercy and kindness, Lord Jesus Christ!

November 15, Sunday PM (PI time) was the Teach the Children How to Pray the Rosary week 8. 38 children attended the class and 8 volunteers. Soup with eggs was served after the class cooked by Mrs. Norly Gane. Thank you for the volunteer efforts of the two teachers: Ms. Regina Tesorero and Ms. Analiza Yauna for teaching the children the rosary prayers.

Recap: *** The class started with Glorious Mystery prayers for the deceased Florentino Gonzales (passed away Nov 4) and Julino Dulfo (Nov 10) and for Saint Charles Caritas benefactors *** Ist Mystery prayer intention for the families, 2nd Glorious Mystery, prayer intention for the babies who died during the typhoons; 3rd Glorious Mystery for the school children; 4th Glorious Mystery  for the government and volunteers and the 5th Glorious Mystery for the calamity happening.  *** The children were answering the prayers as the teachers lead the first verse of the mysteries.  The teachers also teaching the children to pray not only to ask but also to thank God. *** Questions and Answers were done every time. Group 1 and Group 2 mostly tied in competition of prayers. Also fill in the blanks, questions and answers were discussed. ***The children were happy attending the class. Full of enthusiasm in the video. *** Children without face masks and slippers were given one.The children's assignment is to memorize the Apostle Creed and Hail Holy Queen.

Please pray for the entire Dulfo family. It has been very difficult for all of them right now. Thank you for your prayers.

God bless you thank you to all!

November 21, 2020

Feed the Children #21, Samada West squatter area, Phase 5, Paliparan Cavite, PI:

Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for all you do to the children and for us. We praise you, we adore you, and we give you thanks for everything!

November 21, 2020, Saturday (PI time) was Feed the Children #21. 109 children came and 9 volunteers. The soup was a hit. Slippers and masks were given including adults for masks.Mrs. Norly Gane prepared for the volunteers meals called sunny side up eggs, spam and rice after volunteer work. Thank you to Mrs. Norly Gane for her leadership and volunteers. This mission is possible because of the true efforts done by volunteers, and donors from Saint Charles Caritas. Please see collage of pictures below. The last 2 pictures, the children holding the slippers plus masks given, and the last picture was the 9 volunteers. The feeding started with prayers lead by the children Sopia with Darren and Tyron. Thank you to all of you!

November 22, 2020

Teach the Children How to Pray the Rosary week 9, Samada Half Court Phase 5, Paliparan Cavite, PI

Love is a virtue of charity. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for taking care of us, your protection and safety!

November 22, Sunday 3-5pm was the Teach the Children How to Pray the Rosary. 53 children attended including the 12 new attendees and 9 volunteers. Egg Soup was served after class. Thank you to our teachers: Regina Tesorero and Analiza Yuana. Also for Mrs. Norly Gane for cooking the delicious soup. A note from :Dalene and Cindy, retired nurses and cantors of St. Charles Church. Dalene sent these"are proud of the children learning the " OUR FATHER, HAIL MARY, and GLORY BE TO THE FATHER" Thank you to those teaching them these prayers. What a gift!!!"

RECAP: ***  Opening prayer intention to Florentino Gonzales and Julino Dulfo both deceased this November and healing prayer for Norma Seibert, who has cancer. Also prayers for sponsors, volunteers, students, families, typhoon, government and peace of the world. *** 40 children can now pray the 3 prayers. Two groups divided into the Holy Kids and Little Servants. The Glorious Mystery was recited and each decades dedicated with a prayer intention by the children. *** The teachers were now using the new PA system with 2 microphones. Thank you to a donor so much! We do not have to borrow someone's sound system. ***  After the Rosary was the summary of the flow of the rosary guided by children who mastered the 3 rosary prayers. Each group competed to each other through Q & A.   ***  The assignment is to memorize the Apostle Creed and Hail Holy Queen. The teachers encourage the children to pray at home. ***  The children also sang the prayers by listening to downloaded tunes from UTube so that small children who do not know how to read can go with the flow of singing the prayers. ***  Ending prayer was done by a 6 years old and bless the food. She was shy for several weeks and suddenly this week, she memorized the 3 prayers. Children was on surprised and looking at her. Her name is Chloe. *** On the soup distribution, the smaller children lined up first. *** The children were exited and  happy to be learning the prayers!!!

November 26, 2020, Saturday (PI time) was the Feed the Children #22. 103 children were served soup and 8 volunteers helped. Sopia (9 years old), joined by Darren (8 years old) and Tyron (5 years old) a prayer before the soup was served. I heard on the video, the children thanked God, Saint Charles Caritas donors of face masks and slippers. Thank you for Mrs. Norly Gane, also cooked for the volunteers after this event: pinakbit (mix vegetables), rice and ramen for 3 children volunteers. We are all volunteers from San Diego to Paliparan. Please see below collage of pictures on this day Feed the children.

A miracle for Alexis Cantela, 6 years old, who reside in Cavite PI. Alexis was diagnosed of brain cancer in September 2019. Her aunt Alma requested Saint Charles Caritas to pray for her. We started praying in December 2019 through email posting. Her cancer spread to her spinal column in February 2020 and was given only 5% to survive. She was taking out from chemo treatments. Costly as it is, her parents do not give up. In Aug 7, 2020, when Alexis was checked by her doctor cannot find her cancer in her spine and a little bit left in her brain. The doctors was excited about their finds. Now, they want her back for chemo treatments Before, she cannot walk at all, now she can and can stand and wiggle her body. She is not out of the woods yet. Your prayers worked. Its a miracle! THANK YOU GOD!!!. Her parents right now have Covid19 but her sibling and her do not have covid. Please, please continue your prayers for Alexis complete disappearance of her cancer and complete recovery. I believe in God that Alexis will be healed. It's all in the hands of God. Have mercy Lord Jesus Christ for Alexis and thank you!!!

Alexis Cantela is in the first picture of this collage. Thank you to the " Teach the Children How to Pray the Rosary" for your prayers for Alexis and her parents. Also your prayers of healing to Norma Sheibert. Also, the children prayed for the deceased: Florentino Gonzales and Julino Dulfo.

November 29, Sunday, 3 to 5pm (PI time) squatter area was the "Teach the Children How to Pray the Rosary" week 10. 55 children (from 3 to 13 years old) attended and 8 volunteers. Soup was served after class and chocolate incentives were given for children who can pray the 3 prayers: Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be, and 40 children  can memorized these prayers. But still trying to learn and memorize the Apostles Creed and Hail Holy Queen. This ministry also gave face masks and rosaries to new comers. Thank you to Mrs. Norly Gane for cooking egg noodle soup with chicken, hot dogs, corn and milk.

Recap: It was raining in the morning and it stopped around 1pm (They been praying not to rain). The children were full of enthusiasm to be in this class.The two teachers, Ms. Analiza Yauna and Ms. Regina Tesorero and children started with the Joyful Mystery and sing the song called "Awit for Santo Rosario" Song of the Saint Rosary). This song were lead by a 5 & 8 years old.Every mysteries, prayer intentions were mentioned: for the families,  school children, typhoon and etc. The children liked the Q & A. The group, Little Servants won this time. The winners were given almond and Kit-Kat chocolates. The children also sing a long in U tube the 3 prayers. According to them singing the prayers were much easier. Then after the class, a blessings of food, then the children lined up. The 8 volunteers watched the children to make sure that they were social distancing.Thank you to both teachers for teaching the class: Ms. Regina and Ms. Analiza and volunteers. The teachers liked the new PA system with 2 microphones, thank you donor. You (teachers) are both God's blessings to this ministry. Please see this collage of pictures done by Mr. Alex Rullan.

Please pray for the healing of cancers for Alexis Cantela, Susan Guenzel, Norma Seibert, Paul Bell and Bob Novak. Thank you.

Caritas Schedule:

December 5, 12,19 & 26, 2020, every Saturdays are the Feed the Children program to  4 different squatter areas, Phase 5, Cavite

December 6, 13, 20 & 27, 2020, every Sundays are the "Teach the Children How to Pray the Rosary "ministry with snacks (soup) in Samada Half Court, Phase 5

December 20, from 1pm to 6pm is the Christmas Event for the "Teach the Children How to Pray the Rosary. There will be awarding of attendance and the children's accomplishments.If anyone would like to send a note to this event, I may incorporate your notes/comments in their program event. Spaghetti and a piece of fried chicken will be served. We will give 2 ramen and 2 kilos of rice for the children and volunteers (approximately a total of 60).

We need for the 10 volunteers who reside also in the squatter area: tubes of  toothpaste, tooth brushes, peanut butter, bars of soap and canned food.

Any Saturday or Sunday is the buying of food for the charities from Tijuana, Mexico on our list.

I'm hoping that Jim's Project Homeless Help will continue when the pandemic is over and everyone will have a vaccine.

Please noteThe receipts/thank you letters summary will be sent to our donors at the end of December.

Please see below collage... Picture 1Mrs. Norly Gane received last week 4 boxes of supplies for the mission "Feed the Children" and ministry "Teach the Children How to Pray the Rosary". Picture 2 & 4: The St. Brigit Sisters selling tamales and other foods (to support themselves) several weeks ago and Caritas purchased food for the Sisters at Costco. Picture 3: Dalene Garcia and Cindy Hubbard gave 280 hand made face masks for the children (a labor of love for the 2 retired nurses and St. Charles cantors). Thank you!!!

God, thank you for your kindness and mercy!

We are helping the following organizations:

In Mexico:

  • La Casa de Cuna in Tijuana: shelters about 70 babies and children up to 6 years old

  • Beato Juan Pablo II in Tijuana: shelters about 20 seniors age 80 and older

  • Santa Brigida Convent in Tijuana: home to about 30 contemplative nuns

  • Centro de Salud Esperanza in Tijuana: religious sisters serve as nurses for elderly hospital patients

  • Casa Hogar Santa Teresita in Ensenada: shelters about 60 girls ages 6 to 12

In U.S.

  • Jim's Project Homeless Help: Bags of food and toiletries are distributed to the homeless in the South Bay

  • Pastoral Charity Fund of St. Charles Church: providing financial assistance to the poor people in critical needs around the church community.

In Philippines:

  • Franciscan Sister of the Atonement, project " Feed the Children" bathing/clothing/feeding the street children

  • Hospitaller Sisters of the Scared Heart of Jesus  project "Rosary Evangelization" the sisters will go to hospitals, poor parishes, islands to distribute the set of Rosaries and Guide of How to Pray the Rosary.

Announcements and Updates


For more information please contact:

Merlyn Baker

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