Saint Charles Caritas

Saint Charles Caritas, founded in March 2001 at Saint Charles Catholic Church in Imperial Beach, is run by volunteers committed to help charities who are basically poor located in Tijuana and Chula Vista by providing basic foods, cleaning products and basic necessities monthly.

The word Caritas is a Latin word meaning love, mercy, and charity.

100% of the money donated is used to buy these 3 categories mentioned above. We are all volunteers, and we have ZERO overhead costs, and there is NO administrative layer.

Our goal is to distribute $500 worth of food per month for each charity. All the representatives of these charities come up every 4th Saturday of the month to Costco, Chula Vista, and we purchase the necessary basic foods and some cleaning products.

The charities in Tijuana are run by nuns, and the one in Chula Vista is run by volunteers. The sisters In Tijuana can stretch the food we donate for 22 days out of the month. From time to time we visit them and check their needs, play with the children, and talk with the elderly. There are more than 400 people being cared for by these charities.


Every 3rd Sunday of the Month (**POSTPONED DUE TO COVID**)

Saint Charles Caritas is dedicated to assisting those in need and are still collecting donations. We are currently helping the Nuns who can cross the US/Mexico Border by purchasing food stores at Costco. In addition, we are feeding 450 children in 4 different squatter areas during the weekend.

If interested in helping, please contact Merlyn Baker.

 (619)428-0199 or via email at

Photos from the Latest Project

The Latest Projects

Dear Friends of Saint Charles Caritas,

God is hope, mercy, faith, charity and love! Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for teaching us these.

January 10, 2021, Sunday, Teach the Children How to Pray the Rosary #14, from age 3 to 9 years old. Last week it was raining so hard  and  no class because the area is open space only with a roof on top in Samada court. But today, cold/windy and 50 children attended the class with new children interested to join. 9 volunteers helped and tried to monitor the social distancing and wearing masks. It started with an opening prayer by teacher Rebecca and teacher Michelle took the pictures. Thank you also to teacher Regina Tesorero, who's beautiful voice was in the "Song of the Rosary/Ave Maria and teaching the children. Thank you to teacher Norly Gane, leader of this ministry in Paliparan and cooked the soup, and thank you to all the volunteers.

Recap Sessions: Flow of the Rosary  Glorious Mystery was recited. *** Children's action song the "Song of the Rosary/Ave Maria". *** Presentations of top 5 students and were given an incentive of rice crispies and small  chocolate bites for  Q & A. *** 20 prices were given. *** Out of 51 children attending, 25 can memorized the 3 prayers: Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be to the Father.*** 5 children can memorized the Apostles Creed. They were working on the Hail .Holy Queen. *** Soup was served after the class.

Please see a collage below. Thank you for Mr. Alex Rullan for making the collage.


December 5, Sunday, Teach the Children How to Pray the Rosary, week 56, reported by teacher Regina Tesorero. Thank you!!!

 Please see attached collage of children.

Rosary Session Report December 5, 2021

We started at exactly :9:30 am

Before we started our seat-in session,

Volunteers assured that the court is already cleaned and chairs for the children are already well- arranged , we strictly  reminded the kids about the safety  protocols:

Wear face masks and   do social distancing.

The opening prayer was led by Teacher Regine

We Sang Salvation Song, Awit sa Ina ng Santo Rosaryo, Hail Mary - Gentle Woman & Glory Be which led by Kids

We Teach New Songs like Aleluya,  Kyrie Eleison and Anima Christi

While I'm teaching the songs, I observed that the Kids are interested to learn new songs and some of them  had a  good quality voices

After session we had our Q & A session for the kids about pray the rosary

We also gave chocolate bars

Sophia is the kid who blessed the food


*Pray Rosary at home with your Family

*Study & Memorize again the Prayers

*Study the Songs

- Aleluya

- Kyrie Eleison

- Anima Christi

Children Food:

*Rice &

*Tinolang Manok with Sayote & Malunggay

Catered by Riza Assisted by her Mother Cris (Good for 51 kids)

No. of Childrens - 56

No. of Volunteers – 7

December 13, 2021

This was reported by teacher Analiza Yauna and with teacher Regina Tesorero, week 57 Teach the Children How to Pray the Rosary.

Rosary Session Report December 12, 2021

We started at exactly :9:30 am

There was an event at court before we started our session and we only asked for a few moments just to pray and distribute the foods. And we also observed that the weather was also overcast.

Before we started our seat-in session, there was already a debut event decor in the court, however they talked to us and get permission that they will use the courtyard for the birthday party and just one time only, So we gave way to the birthday party. We placed the chairs in not so spacious place in the courtyard and so we cannot control the social distancing. But still we  strictly  reminded the children about the safety  protocols: Wear face masks and face shields all the time and social distancing.

The opening prayer was led by Teacher Analiza

'Provided some words of God.

Asked leaders to go In front to help us in distribution of foods. While teacher Regina did multitasking of taking pictures while I called each children to get the food (Cherelyn,Rachel and .Florimae)

Chloe was the kid who blessed the food

We informed these children that next Sunday Dec 19, we will have 2 parts session:

Part 1-- Rosary Session

Part 2 -- Gift Giving (We, the  teachers do soliciting to our friends who can extend some help to our children, and by the Love of God we collected good amount of gifts and we thanked the Lord for these.)

*We fetched children's from their homes


*Pray Rosary at home

*Study & Memorize again the Prayers

Children and Volunteers food: Pancit Canton and Sandwich.

No. of Childrens - 62

No. of Volunteers - 3

December 14, 2021

A blessed CHRISTmas to ALL of you! We thanked God for your generosity, your volunteer efforts, your prayers and your love of the poor.

On behalf of Saint Charles Caritas, I thanked and extremely grateful to God for you. And, I would like to thank you all who until today has been extending your generosity, kindness and believing on this charity despite of the pandemic. This charity strive because of you. We are praying for your good health, blessings, graces and peace.

God bless you and thank you for your support: Fr. Emilio Magana, pastor of St. Charles Church, Fr. Burt Boudoin, associate pastor, Ron Kelso, resident priest, Deacons: Ken Montoya, Mick Dennison and David Lewis and each better halves.

Please see attached collage of all the charity missions of Saint Charles Caritas. Picture 1, is the Hospitaller Sisters of the Scared Heart of Jesus, Quezon City and Pasig. Philippines. The program is to Feed the Children squatters in Pasig and Laguna. Picture 2 (across) is  St. Brigit Sisters, Tijuana Mexico, 25 contemplative sisters. Also giving food to someone who knocks on their door. Picture 3, Sacred Heart of Jesus in Tijuana Mexico, Casa de Cuna, children from 0 to 6 years old. Picture 4, second row another Sacred Heart of Jesus Sisters, Ensenada, Mexico. The sisters run the Santa Teresita, home for girls. Picture 5, Sisters of Margaret of Mary of the Poor, Tijuana Mexico, runs the Asilo Juan Pablo II, home for the elderly 80 years old and above Picture 6, Sister Sonia Delima, St. Benedict Sister who will be helping the spiritual direction of the children in Samada Half Court and Janiley Camarista, StCC VP/volunteer/benefactor. Picture 7, row 3, Alex & Lulu Rullan, volunteers/benefactors. Picture 8, teachers Regina Tesorero and Analiza Yauna, runs the Teach the Children How to Pray the Rosary in Paliparan, Phase 5 Cavite, Philippines. Picture 9, Sister Babylyn Dulfo, Franciscan Sister of the Atonement in Assisi Italy, StCC connector for the charities in the Philippines, and I. Other volunteers, (not in the pictures): Joe Bajo, Grand Knight has been with StCC since the inception, David Wolfe, Bob Crimmins, Paul Harter and to our beloved volunteers not mentioned (you know who you are and God bless you). Thank you for the Rosary Makers, lead by Josie Banayat for thousands of rosaries donated and were sent out to Mexico and Philippine islands for Rosary Evangelization.

We communicate through Whatsapp texts/calls, video calls and emails. We are all volunteers from San Diego, Mexico, Phlippines and Italy. We have Zero overhead costs and No administrative layers.

And thank you so much to the Franciscan Sisters of Atonement in Assisi, Italy for your love and for taking care of me like I was a part of your family during  my pilgrimage in Assisi, Italy. Your warm welcome, generous hearts, and  I felt that I belong in your house. To this day, I very much appreciate these. I will always remember your kindness. I will come back again!

December 20, 2021

The report was done by teacher Regina Tesorero with teacher Analiza Yauna including volunteers. I thanked God for you all and may God bless you with peace, hope,  abundance of love and  life prosperity. Jesus Christ never fails! Thank you!!!

Please see attached collage of children's activities. The Teach the Children How to Pray the Rosary sessions will continue on January 9, Sunday (The children and volunteers will have Christmas and New Year's break).


Rosary Session Report December 19, 2021

We started at exactly :2:00 pm on wards

Part 1 -Rosary Session

*We took attendance first

*The weather condition is not good. But still we continue the session & program.

*Before we start the session we strictly  reminded the children & parents about the safety  protocols:

Wear face masks all the time and do social distancing.

*The opening prayer was led by Teacher Regine

*We sang Salvation Song & Glory Be led by leaders

*We also gave chocolates bars

*We had our Rosary Session and for today's Mystery was Glorious which led by kids

1st Mystery - led by Sophia

2nd Mystery - led by Rejoice

3rd Mystery- led by Ezekiel

4th Mystery - led by Key James

5th Mystery- led by Cherilyn

*Before we ended our Rosary we gave the children time to have their personal prayers .

*After Session we had our Q&A session for the children about pray the rosary

Part II - Christmas Party

*We had short program for Christmas party

*Teachers explained the essence & meaning of Christmas

*Children were excited to showcase their talents

*We observed that the children were good in dancing

*We prepared simple games for children like Dance Showdown for 5 Kids & Bring Me

*We gave Simple gift for children from donors (friends of teachers)

*They were all happy with their gifts

*Sophia was the kid who blessed the food

We inform children that on January 9, 2022 continuation of Rosary Session.

*We fetched children's from their homes

*Some of their parents were there in rosary session


*Pray Rosary at home

*Study & Memorize again the Prayers especially the Hail Holy Queen

Children and Volunteers food: Spaghetti with Puto

No. of Childrens - 75

No. of Volunteers - 5

December 21, 2021

The Saint Charles Caritas received boxes of dry foods from Sea Food City last Saturday and were distributed to the charity institutions run by nuns in TJ/Ensenada yesterday and today.

Thank you so much to Mr. Steven Go, owner of Seafood City through Paul Harter. I thanked God for Mr. Go and Mr. Harter. Thank you to the volunteers who transported and unloaded these boxes of food: Joe Bajo, Grand Knight, Bob Crimmins, Paul Harter and 3 more volunteers. God bless you with His graces.

Please see attached collage of nuns receiving the food.

December 27, 2021

December 26, 2021 Monday was the Costco buy of food for our 4 charity institutions from Tijuana/Ensenada, Mexico run by nuns. Please see attached: from right to left: St. Brigit Sisters, contemplative nuns, Asilo Juan Pablo II run by the St. Margaret of Mary of the Poor, both Sacred Heart of Jesus, Home for Girls and Casa de Cuna.

We thank you all for your generosity and love of the poor. May God bless you with abundant graces, peace, good health, safety and protection.

Caritas schedule for January 2022

Please note: We do not accept used clothes or anything used or open food packages.

  • ***Caritas Day will be on January 15 and 16, Saturday and Sunday. 100% of your donations will go to buy basic food for charities that we are helping in Mexico and Philippines. On the same day after the last mass, is the Costco buy of food for all the 4 different congregation charities run by nuns.

The nuns and volunteers will practice the covid-19/omicron protocol such as wearing masks and social distancing.

  • ***Every Sunday is the Teach the Children How to Pray the Rosary/Feed the Children in the squatter area Phase 5, Paliparan Cavite, Philipines
  • ***The Hospitaller Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus  Feed the Children in the squatter areas of Pasig and Laguna will be on Jan. 22.

I hope you can pass by and see the nuns in the exit doors of the church on January 15 & 16. Thank you.

Thank you and praying for your health and safety.


We are helping the following organizations:

In Mexico:

  • La Casa de Cuna in Tijuana: shelters about 70 babies and children up to 6 years old

  • Beato Juan Pablo II in Tijuana: shelters about 20 seniors age 80 and older

  • Santa Brigida Convent in Tijuana: home to about 30 contemplative nuns

  • Centro de Salud Esperanza in Tijuana: religious sisters serve as nurses for elderly hospital patients

  • Casa Hogar Santa Teresita in Ensenada: shelters about 60 girls ages 6 to 12

In U.S.

  • Jim's Project Homeless Help: Bags of food and toiletries are distributed to the homeless in the South Bay

  • Pastoral Charity Fund of St. Charles Church: providing financial assistance to the poor people in critical needs around the church community.

In Philippines:

  • Franciscan Sister of the Atonement, project " Feed the Children" bathing/clothing/feeding the street children

  • Hospitaller Sisters of the Scared Heart of Jesus  project "Rosary Evangelization" the sisters will go to hospitals, poor parishes, islands to distribute the set of Rosaries and Guide of How to Pray the Rosary.

Announcements and Updates


For more information please contact:

Merlyn Baker

Tel: 619-428-0199