Saint Charles Caritas

Saint Charles Caritas, founded in March 2001 at Saint Charles Catholic Church in Imperial Beach, is run by volunteers committed to help charities who are basically poor located in Tijuana and Chula Vista by providing basic foods, cleaning products and basic necessities monthly.

The word Caritas is a Latin word meaning love, mercy, and charity.

100% of the money donated is used to buy these 3 categories mentioned above. We are all volunteers, and we have ZERO overhead costs, and there is NO administrative layer.

Our goal is to distribute $500 worth of food per month for each charity. All the representatives of these charities come up every 4th Saturday of the month to Costco, Chula Vista, and we purchase the necessary basic foods and some cleaning products.

The charities in Tijuana are run by nuns, and the one in Chula Vista is run by volunteers. The sisters In Tijuana can stretch the food we donate for 22 days out of the month. From time to time we visit them and check their needs, play with the children, and talk with the elderly. There are more than 400 people being cared for by these charities.


Every 3rd Sunday of the Month (**POSTPONED DUE TO COVID**)

Saint Charles Caritas is dedicated to assisting those in need and are still collecting donations. We are currently helping the Nuns who can cross the US/Mexico Border by purchasing food stores at Costco. In addition, we are feeding 450 children in 4 different squatter areas during the weekend.

If interested in helping, please contact Merlyn Baker.

 (619)428-0199 or via email at

Photos from the Latest Project

The Latest Projects

Thank you to all!

God, thank you for your kindness and mercy!

There is nothing more rewarding and fulfilling than to serve God. Jesus Christ, thank you for your love and protection for the children and us.

March 20, 2021, Saturday was the Feed the Children #38. 92 and more tickets were returned and 8 volunteers helped. The children were not able to line up because of new protocol for pandemic. Some of the children received the soup and went back right away were they live, and some parents got it for them. Because of the location somewhat on the highway, it was difficult for the children and afraid that the Barangay members (barrio or district) will get them. We are hoping that it will ease up the pandemic protocol next time and children can line up. After the distribution of soup, the volunteers lunch was  chicken soup vegetables with rice.The counselor on that district was thankful that the children at least can have soup, stating that life is so hard and Saint Charles Caritas is there for this ministry.

Please see below 2 collages: Collage 1, the giving of soup with volunteers; Collage 2, the food preparation.

03/21/2021 update for Baptism Project. Purpose: To Christianize the children and adults whose parents are poor and cannot afford the baptism expenses. We are hoping and praying that these children and parents will be active in the church. The rest will give it to Jesus Christ115 and counting were the people listed for the Baptism Project in Phase 4 & 5 ages 3 months to 27 years old and 1,  60 years old. These numbers  will be finalized during the submission of papers for the Christ the King Church (Kristong Hari). The baptism is free but there some expenses associated with it. The Saint Charles Caritas will be donating to Christ the King Church based on the numbers going to be baptized. Saint Charles Caritas expenses will be candles in bulk, copies of Baptism Guidelines, supplies during baptism orientations (marker, cartolina, and etc.), 9 volunteers will have lunch in Jollibee after baptism, 165 pesos each. The orientations will be done next week and on. We have only the children chairs in Samada and will borrow from the neighborhood some chairs. Some for sure will be standing. The orientations of baptism will be done by teachers Ms. Regina Tesorero and Ms. Analiza Yauna. These two ladies have done these orientations when they were the scholar recipients of the Dream Foundation in Paliparan. They do have the experience.

April 9, Saturday is the schedule for Baptism from 7:00am until done in 2 to 3 batches one after another because the church can only hold limited numbers of people including the parent(s), and Godparent(s). We have not negotiated the Baptism Certificates so the parents will have to pay for it. Part of the arrangement was that 1 Godparent is free. After 1 Godparent, they have to pay. If you want to pitch in for the Baptism Project, please let me know and write on the memo line on your check for "Baptism".

Below is the collage of baptism project door to door scouting. Picture 1, Ms. Analiza, Ms. Rita and Ms. Regina. Pictures 2 and so on, were the door to door scouting.

March 21, 2021, Sunday was the Teach the Children How to Pray the Rosary week 23. 35 children attended the glass (there was a birthday) and 9 volunteers. The teachers were Ms. Regina Tesorero and Analiza Yauna. Teacher Michelle took the videos and pictures and teacher Joedylyn also helped.Teacher Norly Gane in-charged of the cooking and also volunteers. There was a birthday and the children in Samada Half Court was competing with the voices  who were celebrating the birthday within the court. They have to make their voices louder.

Recap: Opening prayer by teacher Regina asking and thanking God, His blessings, good weather, parents who let their children attend the class prayer, healing of the people who have covid, soon approval of Samada pavement and solar panels, Saint Charles Caritas and volunteers. ***Summary from the last session and assignment for the boys to lead the Luminous Mystery. ***There were 4  groupings. Singing in action the Our Father. The boys won by being creative. The winners presented in action the Our Father. A total of 39 chocolates were given to the children who won the contest. *** Q & A for the Luminous Mystery. The  children anticipated the questions and they were ready and memorized the prayers ahead. The boys again won for being well behaved. ***The blessings of the soup was lead by Cleo. ***The children were still shy in their presentations but trying hard. ***It was discussed that they continue to pray especially for their own family. ***Currently, there was a mandate for the GCQ (General Community Quarantine) until April 4, Sunday.

Please see 2 collages: collage 1, the class prayer; collage 2 the food preparation.

March 27, Saturday was Feed the Children #39. 83 children came and 7 volunteers helped. There was the ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine)  all over Cavite and some other cities. The children were scared that the barangay (disrict) members patrolled in the squatter areas. Children were running afraid of the barangay patrol. But when barangay saw the tarpauline banner, children were distancing and all wearing face masks, the barangay just went through. Mr. Journie Basa, Barangay Counselor was "thankful that Caritas is giving the soup. With this life so hard right now especially the poor, I am thankful for the Caritas." Thank you to all the volunteers spear headed by Mrs. Norlina Gane. Sopia, did the thanking and praying of the soup before the volunteers served it.

Please see below 2 collages. College 1, children lining up and soup was served. Collage 2, Soup ingredients and preparation. Thank you for Mr. Alex Rullan for making the collages.


March 28, 2021, Palm Sunday: Teach the Children How to Pray the Rosary. No class because it was and continued ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine) until April 4 in Cavite and other cities in Manila. It was a strict covid protocol mandated by the Philippine president. 53 children came to get the food of spaghetti and pasta soup, then the children went home. The children observed the protocol of face masks/some with face shields and social distancing. Prayer was done by teacher Ms. Regina Tesorero assisted by teacher Ms. Analiza Yauna and volunteers. Thank you to teacher Norly who supervised the cooking and teacher Michelle who took the videos and pictures.The children sang 3 prayer songs: Song of Ave Maria, Our Father and Hail Mary with actions in videos.

03/28/2021, Sunday The children from the class Teach the Children How to Pray the Rosary singing one of the videos the Song of Mother Ave Maria with actions. The minus 1 song was sung by teacher Ms. Regina Tesorero. Enjoy the children singing. Please see attached video.

April 3, Saturday was the Feed the Children #40. 102 children came and were given soup. 9 volunteers helped. Thank you to teacher Norlina Gane and volunteers. The volunteers menu was rice, meat loaf, eggs with tomatoes and dried sardines (tuyo). Before soup was served, a prayer lead by Sopia with 3 children. Social distancing and face masks were observed. The pictures and videos done by Joemar, a volunteer.

Please see 2 collages: Collage 1, Children being served with soup. Collage 2, food ingredients.

Please pray for the healing of cancers for Susan Guenzel, Paul Bell, Norma Seibert, Bob Novak, Alexis Cantila and Katrina Cruz Craiker. Please pray also for the Sanchez family who many of the family members  have covid in Imus, Cavite.

Caritas schedule:

We are hoping that the charity congregations from TJ run by all nuns can cross the border. Only St. Brigit sisters can cross the border. If they can cross, St. Charles Caritas will buy them food.

April 3 & 4, 10 & 11, 17 & 18 and 24 & 25 Saturdays and Sundays are the Feed the Children and Teach the Children How to Pray the Rosary. Soup or Spaghetti or Pancit will be served for the children. On Saturdays, serving of soup will be 4 different squatter locations in Phase 5. On Sundays are in Samada Half Court for Teach the Children How to Pray the Rosary. We need canned food, tubes of toothpaste, coffee, peanut butter, cocoa mix for the 10 volunteers who also reside in the squatter area.

April 10, is the Baptism Project at Kristong Hari Church (Christ the King). The children and adults listed are 120 to date in Phase 4 & 5 and counting. It is not yet done in Phase 4. We are hoping to get the requirements and give orientations before baptism. These will be 2 to 3 batches because the church can hold only a certain numbers of people and that of course including the parent(s) and Godparents. The Saint Charles Caritas will donate to Kristong Hari Church as part of the arrangement. The parents of these children cannot afford the other expenses that are associated with the baptism. The Saint Charles Caritas started the Baptism Project to help out these poor people to become Christians. Next will be Phase 1, 2 & 3. The project is lead by  Ms. Regina Tesorero and Ms. Analiza Yuana. The two ladies were scouting door to door to find out who are not baptized and who are interested to become Christians from the squatter areas. If you would like to donate for the Baptism Project payable to Saint Charles Caritas, please write on your check memo the project name.

Hospitaller Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Quezon City continued the  Rosary Evangelization and a project in Pasig Feeding the Poor.

From Sr. Magnolia Billona. "We are the HOSPITALLER SISTERS OF THE SACRED HEART OF JESUS. Currently, we are helping 195 families poor families in Pasig.  These poor people belongs to different squatter areas namely; Floodway, TramoTaw-tawiCainta and San Address. These families build their houses along the river banks, and 13 families relocated in Laguna. In Pasig community, there are 11 sisters working with our poor children."

Please see a collage below: Picture 1, Baptism leaflets for parents whose children are going to be baptized. Picture 2, from left down, are the supplies for baptism orientation and Teach the Children How to Pray the Rosary class. Picture 3, teachers Regina and Analiza buying the supplies seen in picture 2. Picture 4 & 5, St. Brigit  Sister showing the items that were donated to St. Charles by a couple who wanted to be anonymous. Picture 6, Hospitaller Sister of the Sacred Heart of Jesus will be receiving 5 large  boxes containing more or less a 1000 rosaries/how to pray the rosary, and 209 packages of egg noodle pasta for the poor families in Pasig. These 5 boxes were picked up today April 3, Saturday for transport. Shipments of boxes will take 2 months to reach the destination.

Thank you to the Rosary Makers of St. Charles Church, lead by Josie Banayat and members,  and to Lulu Rullan who put together thousands of these rosaries and guide how to pray the rosary in  ziploc bags.

Happy Easter! Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for your divine grace!

April 4, 2021 Sunday, Teach the Children How to Pray the Rosary week 25. 42 children came and 7 volunteers and egg noodle soup was served. Because of the ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine), cannot have the regular class. The two teachers Regina Tesorero and Analiza Yauna had the children sing the 4 prayers: Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be to the Father and Song of Ave Maria with actions. The social distancing, face masks, and face shields were observed. Prayer before meals was done by Ms. Analiza, thanking God,  sponsors, praying for the sick who requested prayers: Sanchez family in Imus, children, parents and many more. Videos and pictures were done by teacher Michelle and food preparation by teacher Norlina Gane and volunteers.

Please see below 2 collages: Collage 1, serving of soup; and collage 2, ingredients for soup and pasta for the volunteers.

April 10, 2021 Saturday started at 9 ish am was the Baptism Evangelization  by Saint Charles Caritas to the squatter children/adults from Phase 4 & 5, Paliparan. 106 were baptized, age brackets 0 - 17 = 9618 - 29 = 6 and 30 - 69  = 4. The Saint Charles Caritas sent a donation to Kristong Hari (Christ the King) although the Sacrament of Baptism is free. There were some other expenses which the poor parents cannot afford for their children to be baptized. So, this became a project to make the children Christians. Thanks be to God!

Please see collages of this big event. Picture 1, the Baptism, Picture 2, The two teachers: Ms.Regina and Ms. Analiza went scouting door to door asking the poorest of the poor neighborhood who would like to be baptized. It was hard worked for both of the two young ladies.I thanked them for their efforts and love of God.Thank you to all the volunteers from Feed the Children.Thank you to individuals who earmarked their donations for this project. Thank you to Fr. Jef Zacarias, the presiding priest, Sr. Sonia Delima, Sisters of St. Benedict, our contact in Bocloran, Sr. Babylyn Dulfo, Franciscan Sisters of the Atonement, Ph adviser. and Janiley Camarista, adviser US. You did it! I thanked God for all of you!

April 9, Friday was the Feed the Children #41. It was done Friday because on Saturday was the Baptism Evangelization Project and all 9 volunteers helped. Before the food was served, a prayer recited by Sopia. Thank you to all the volunteers!

Please see collages: Collage 1, Feed the Children, and collage 2 food preparation.

April 11, 2021, Sunday no class for Teach the Children How to Pray the Rosary but food was served to 51 children and 7 volunteers. No class  because the ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine)  is still in placed. The food menu were pasta soup and spaghetti.  Before meal, a prayer was recited by teacher Regina Tesorero thanking our charity, parents, health, and etc. The children observed the social distancing, with face masks and face shields. After the children got the food, majority went home and few ate in the corner of someone's front house. The children sang the Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be to the Father and Song of Ave Maria. It was suggested by the teachers to children to continue praying the rosary at home with their families. Thank you to Joemar, a volunteer who took videos and pictures. The teachers were Ms. Regina Tesorero and Analiza Yauna. We had a whats app meeting after everyone ate their meals.

Addendum: The next Baptism Evangelization Project will be May 8, Saturday, Phase 1 to 3 in Paliparan. The two teachers will be scouting door to door asking the families if they want their children to be baptized.

Please see below 2 collages done by Mr. Alex Rullan. Collage 1, The Children lining up to sing and to be served. Collage 2, Food preparation

April 17, 2021, Saturday was the Feed the Children #42. 120 children received the macaroni soup. 9 volunteers helped from preparing the food, carrying the big pot, arranged the lines for social distancing and face masks were observed. Sopia, recited the prayer and thanking the donors and all.

Please 2 collages. Collage 1, Feed the Children and Collage 2, Food preparation.

April 18, 2021 Sunday, was the Teach the Children How to Pray the Rosary week 27. 47 children came and sang the 4 prayers (Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be to the Fther and Song of Ave Maria).  8 volunteers helped. The opening prayer was done by teacher Analiza Yauna before egg noodle soup was served. Also, teacher Analiza thanked the sponsor Saint Charles Caritas, children's parents, to stop the pandemic and many more. Teacher Regina Tesorero was not able to attend the class because she was under the weather.There was no regular class because the location was under MECQ (Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine). But through the video, teacher Analiza emphasized to children to pray the rosary at home with their families and .to think about Papa Jesus and Blessed Mother Mary when they pray. in which some children did.

Addendum: Baptism Evangelization Project continued in May for the poorest of the poor Phase 1 to 3. Door to door scouting will start soon for the remaining days in April. The door to door scouting will be done by teachers Regina and Analiza.

Please see 2 collages. Collage 1 children paused in front of the tarpaulin Baby Jesus Blessed Mother Mary and Angels; and children lined up for soup. Also, snack bars were given to the children. Collage 2, ingredients of the soup preparation.

April 24, 2021 Saturday was the Feed the Children #43. 102 children received the soup and 9 volunteers helped. Sopia recited the prayer and thanking the sponsor. Every week, different locations in Phase 5 are being served with soup. Pair of slippers were given to children who do not have one.It was rewarding to us here in San Diego to see the children eating the soup.Thank you to all who made this mission possible.

Please see 2 collages of children being served food and  preparation of food.

April 25, 2021, Sunday was Teach the Children How to Pray the Rosary week 28. 35 children came and 8 volunteers helped. Cavite is still in quarantine today. The children have a short lectures, while observing distancing with face masks and some have face shields. The children sang the prayers: Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be to the Father and Song of Ave Maria with actions The regular class will be back in May 2, Sunday where the children can sit down and learn about prayers and will observe the mandated protocol. Thank you to Teachers Regina Tesorero and Analiza Yauna for their guidance to the children. Thank you to all the volunteers for cooking the spaghetti and soup; taking the videos and pictures.The children also received snack bars for being present in a standing lecture. Right after the prayer of grace and received the food, the children  all went home.

Please see 2 collages: Collage 1: the children lining up for prayers, singing and for food. Collage 2, food preparation.


Thank you Lord Jesus Christ!!!

We are helping the following organizations:

In Mexico:

  • La Casa de Cuna in Tijuana: shelters about 70 babies and children up to 6 years old

  • Beato Juan Pablo II in Tijuana: shelters about 20 seniors age 80 and older

  • Santa Brigida Convent in Tijuana: home to about 30 contemplative nuns

  • Centro de Salud Esperanza in Tijuana: religious sisters serve as nurses for elderly hospital patients

  • Casa Hogar Santa Teresita in Ensenada: shelters about 60 girls ages 6 to 12

In U.S.

  • Jim's Project Homeless Help: Bags of food and toiletries are distributed to the homeless in the South Bay

  • Pastoral Charity Fund of St. Charles Church: providing financial assistance to the poor people in critical needs around the church community.

In Philippines:

  • Franciscan Sister of the Atonement, project " Feed the Children" bathing/clothing/feeding the street children

  • Hospitaller Sisters of the Scared Heart of Jesus  project "Rosary Evangelization" the sisters will go to hospitals, poor parishes, islands to distribute the set of Rosaries and Guide of How to Pray the Rosary.

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For more information please contact:

Merlyn Baker

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