This summer, we want to invite you to be intentional about what you fill your life with, to improve your life, and to feed your soul. In this week’s bulletin, on our website and through social media, we are sharing with you a summer reading list.

It’s ten books. Ten amazing books that all have the potential to help you grow and become a better version of yourself. We encourage you to review the list, pick what book strikes you as best, and read it.

As a way to promote this, we have one of the books on the list for you to take home.

Copies will be available Sunday after all the Masses.


The book is "Life’s Greatest Lesson" by Allen Hunt.

It is a beautiful story told in parable form that encourages you to make the most of your life and to accept the grace of who you really are.

In this heartwarming yet thought-provoking parable you’ll learn how to make the most of your life and satisfy your deepest need.


To view the Top Ten Summer Book List, click here.




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