It’s Not What You Give Up, It’s Who You Become

This Lent, let’s not focus on what we give up. Let’s focus on who God wants us to become.

Join us for Dynamic Catholic’s BEST LENT EVER. It’s a short video from Matthew Kelly sent directly to your inbox every morning of Lent, meant to inspire and encourage you on your personal Lenten journey. The program is completely free and signing up is easy:

Just visit BestLentEver.com, enter your name and email address, and you’re ready to go! For the first time ever, Dynamic Catholic will actually be providing two incredible options this year.

The first is called The Generosity Habit and will focus on God’s generosity and how to live lives of staggering generosity day by day.

The second is called Difficult Teachings and will focus on Jesus’ 40 most difficult teachings, all of which can transform our lives when we face them head-on. Both videos will come in one simple email. Not only will you have two options to feed your soul, you’ll have two options to share with friends, family and anyone else who needs an encouraging message this Lent.

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