Catechetical Center Overview

Message from the Director of Catechetical Ministries

Welcome to the Saint Charles Catechetical Ministry!

Catechesis is an essential ministry of the Church and is centered on the Good News of Jesus Christ.  As such, our Parish offers faith formation classes to children (from Grade 1 to Grade 6), middle schoolers (grades 7-8), youth (grades 9-10), and adults.

We recognize, promote, and respect cultural diversity.  Thus, we offer religious education in Spanish to children ((from Grade 1 to Grade 6), too.  Children with special needs are given proper attention and appropriate faith instructions.

Furthermore, the Church has a responsibility to support the parents and the whole faith community in the life-long process of Catholic faith formation.  Adult faith formation programs are also available.

It is my hope and prayer that we all respond to the gift of faith in all levels of our life.  It is only in our act of faith that we can experience a conversion of heart and become a true disciple of Christ.

Alicia Policarpio

Mission Statement

To continue the mission of Jesus of proclaiming the Good News, celebrating it through the liturgy, sacraments and prayers, experiencing and living the teachings of Christ, and transmitting our faith in action.


  • To promote knowledge of faith by developing a structured religious education program centered on Christ.

  • To promote the celebration of the liturgy and the sacraments.

  • To adapt the teachings of the church in moral and personal formation.

  • To teach the importance of prayer.

  • To promote a spirit of community.

  • To promote a missionary spirit and a sense of commitment.