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Chapter 1188 of Prayer & Squares is an interfaith outreach organization that combines the gift of prayer through the gift of a hand-tied quilt.  The purpose is to promote prayer through the use of quilts. Each knot tied onto the quilt represents a prayer that was said for them.  A prayer quilt is requested by a sponsor for someone who is experiencing physical, emotional, spiritual or other life crises that can benefit from “being covered in prayers”.

** Quilts are carefully assigned based on availability as well as recipient preference. Each quilt is thoughtfully made by loving hands of gracious volunteers. “It is not about the quilt, it is all about the prayers”

Three (3) commandments of Prayer & Squares Ministry are:

  • Prayer quilts are all about prayers and not about quilts.
  • The recipient of a quilt agrees to accept the gift of prayer in the form of a quilt.
  • There is no charge or payment for a quilt. Each is a gift of love.This is a ministry anyone can get involved in!  We are seeking volunteers who have the interest and skill in sewing, quilting or praying.  Donations of clean, 100% cotton material used to make the quilts are welcome!Monthly meetings are held on the 1st Saturday of each month at the Nutrition Center from 8:30am-10:30am. For more information, please contact Midolie Loyola (619) 318-7791 or email:

Updated StC prayer quilt request form: