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A reflection from our Associate Pastor, Father Burt Boudoin as we celebrate his 40th Anniversary of his Ordination. Thank you Father for your service and dedication to St. Charles and our Catholic Church

When a person turns forty years of age, it is usually not a time of rejoicing. Rather, for most, under the realization that forty years marks the beginning of middle age, the heart hits an extra beat and the tongue utters ‘ugh’! On the other hand, turning forty, means a person has survived the most difficult stages of human life: from conception to birth, from infancy, childhood, and adolescence, growing up and getting through teenage angst to young adulthood and independence in the thirties— such achievement portends a full and happy life into the future. For a priest ordained at age twenty-six like myself, that means zeal and energy as a young man, steadfastness and perseverance through the middle years, and hopefully maturity and wisdom by the senior phase of life.

In the Bible, the number forty has a kind of mystical significance: the Great Flood of forty days and forty nights, the forty days of Moses in retreat upon Mt. Sinai and likewise Elijah the Prophet on Mt. Carmel, the Hebrew people wandered for forty years in the desert on the way to the Promised Land, the forty years of kingship granted to King David of Israel, Our dear Lord spent forty days and forty nights in the desert at the beginning of His public life and equally forty days from Easter Sunday to the Ascension and return to Heaven; thus, forty as a Biblical number is variously described as a period of testing and trial, purification and success. All true for the man of the cloth!

Arriving at my fortieth anniversary year of Priestly service in the Diocese of San Diego is a moment of sincere gratitude— to give thanks to God for the innumerable opportunities placed before my vocational path in the cause of Christ for the salvation of souls! To teach, to preach, to advise, to pray, and to sanctify! Under both difficult and painless circumstances, I have offered holy Mass (too many times to count), conveyed the healing Sacraments to the Sick, buried the Dead, instructed the eager and reluctant, bestowed blessings upon the devout and venerable, turned the pages in prayer of our Divine Office, counseled the depressed, suicidal, and grieving, administered scores of Baptisms and witnessed countless Marriage promises, conversed with people of interesting and friendly dispositions along with a few unpleasant cranks, absolved sins and given penance to a myriad of penitents— a generation of spiritual health care for the Faithful and the Priest.

My thanks extend to family, friends, and parishioners for such love and support during these four decades! Yet, to be honest, while grateful for forty years at the Altar of God and ten fantastic years here at St. Charles Parish, I’m more concerned about the future than the past. Where are you leading us, Lord? Jesus, I trust in Thee! Mary Immaculate, pray for us! St. Joseph, pray for us! St. John-Marie Vianney, pray for us! St. Thomas à Becket, pray for us! St. Joan of Arc, pray for us! O God, grant to me and to my brother priests many more years of usefulness in the Priesthood of the Great High Priest of the New and Eternal Covenant! The Lord has sworn and He will not repent: You are a priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek (see Psalm 110, 4).





Brothers and Sisters,

St. Charles Parish is pleased to participate in the 2022 “Living Our Mission” Annual Catholic Appeal. This appeal supports charitable needs throughout the Diocese of San Diego. Your gifts make possible the work that impacts so many in our diocese: those who attend Catholic school, formation of new priests and care for our retired priests, evangelization and accompaniment of Young Adults, and the consoling presence of Christ for those imprisoned. Please make your intention to the Annual Catholic Appeal. You can make your contribution online at giving.sdcatholic.org, or by picking up a combo brochure/response card here at the Parish Office.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Father Emilio A. Magaña

Hermanos y Hermanas,
La Parroquia de San Carlos se complace en participar en el Llamado Católico Anual 2022 “Vivir Nuestra Misión”. El Llamado Católico Anual apoya las necesidades caritativas a través de la Diócesis de San Diego. Sus dones hacen posible el trabajo que impacta a muchos en nuestra diócesis: la atención a los pobres y encarcelados, la educación de niños en escuelas Católicas, el entrenamiento de catequistas, la formación de candidatos al sacerdocio, el ministerio a jóvenes y jóvenes adultos en universidades, la preparación de parejas al matrimonio, y el apoyo del desarrollo parroquial en el Valle Imperial. Por favor haga su promesa al Llamado Católico Anual. Pueden hacer su contribución en línea al sdcatholic.org, o tomen un panfleto con la tarjeta de respuesta aquí en la parroquia.

Sinceramente en Cristo,

Father Emilio A. Magaña

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